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Getting started with Infinit is quick and, well, pretty simple. Take just a minute or two to read through the steps below, then visit our homepage to adjust your slider preferences, save your choices, and checkout. If you have questions, please don't hesistate to drop us a note at
  1. Set Flavor Level - INFINIT is formulated to be just right during exercise. Unlike other sports drinks it is designed to taste great hour after hour. Other sports drinks are too strong and are almost unpalatable after an hour or so. Our flavor levels are already toned down, so keep that in mind when you choose you flavor level.
  2. Choose Your Carbohydrate Blend - INFINIT gives you the power to choose the ratio of fast absorbing glucose versus slower burning maltodextrine. By moving the slider, you can create a custom mix of carbs that meets your activity perfectly.
  3. Tell Us How Many Calories Per Serving You Need - The rule of thumb is 2 calories per pound of lean body weight. So to figure out the number of calories you need just take your total weight, subtract body fat and then multiply by two.
    Example: Male weighting 200 lbs with 20% body fat = 160 pounds lean body weight 160 x 2 = 320 calories.
    Itís that simple to create a drink with the exact number of calories that matches your body size EXACTLY!
  4. Adjust Your Electrolyte Level
    - Heavy sweaters that have serious problems with muscle cramping should set their slider setting to the higher side.
    - Heavy sweaters with occasional cramping should be in the mid range.
    - Medium sweaters with frequent cramping should be in the mid to higher ranges.
    - Medium sweaters with occasional cramping should be in the medium-to-medium low range.
    - Light sweaters with frequent cramping should be in the mid range.
    - Light sweaters with occasional cramping should set their levels to the medium low.
    - Light sweaters with little to no cramping should be in the lower ranges.
  5. Caffeine - Caffeine should ONLY be used after you have tested it in training because it can lead to stomach distress in some athletes. You should always consult your physician when using any stimulant. Caffeine is a proven USOC legal performance booster that has been shown to help the body to burn calories and XXXXXXXXX. Keep in mind that caffeine does have a somewhat bitter taste so it will affect the taste of your custom formulation, a little goes a long way. Standard dosing for most athletes is between 50mg (one cup of strong coffee) and 200mg (four cups of strong coffee) per serving. Many advanced athletes will use some caffeine during the latter stages of a long race for a performance boost and to help your body burn fat stores after glycogen levels have been depleted.



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